The Event


TEDxHoboken, June 28th 2013 
The Babbio Center, Stevens Institute of Technology


Tedx Hoboken-33 copyHosts: 
Curator, Elizabeth Barry
TEDxHoboken Speaker Coach, John Bates

Our Team:
Erin Commerato, Erick Szentmiklosy, Scott D’Aloise, Daniel Zaltsman, Victor Rodriquez, Teja Jonnalagadda, Edan Golomb

10am SHARP All Room Doors Close to Begin
It’s a New Dawn
Dr. Brian Paris  The Dynamics of Posture
Adam Zellner  Is Your Cell Phone Charged? America’s Addiction to Energy
Derrell Bradford  A Genie Out of the Bottle: Education Reform and The Digital Music Revolution
Kirk McDermid  Inquiry Unbounded
Dave Carroll  Customer Service in the Age of Social Media

BREAK 11:25am – 11:55am

12pm -1:10pm
It’s a New Day
Adam Fisk  Lantern: Internet Freedom by Design
Yahya Bakkar  The Secret of Destiny
Jeff Siegel  The Promise of Our Lifetime
Terri Cole What if Fear Were Just a Feeling
Mike Michalowicz  The World’s Best

1:15pm- 2:30pm  LUNCH

2:45pm- 3:50pm
It’s a New Life
Brent Jenkins  Realizing an Inspired Future
CV Harquail  The Boost Revolution: Expanding Possibilities for Business and Beyond
Rick Housely A Wearable Seizure Detection and Notification System
Alan Robock  Nuclear Winger: Still Possible But Preventable

3:55pm – 4:20pm BREAK

4:25pm- 5:40pm
Infinite Horizons- We’re Feeling Good
Dante Natarelli Portrait of a Different Thinker
Nancy Levin  The Autobiography of Change
Morty Lefkoe  How to Stop Suffering
Sharon Guynup Tigers Forever
Cesar Kuriyama  Something I’m Passionate About


6:30pm – 8:30pm Meet us at the Chandelier Room on the 2nd Floor at the W Hotel for our After Party.You MUST present your TEDx badge to enter the after party. This is an exclusive. All attendees will receive a complimentary drink upon entrance (for those who are 21 and older). Drink specials will be available thereafter. DJ beats provided by Larry Fiori. Carlo’s Bakery has made us a SPECIAL TEDxHoboken cake. You will be able to dive into it with us at the Chandelier Room party!

Additional Details of the event:
You may not use your cell phones or laptops in the main room. Please respect our speakers and live simulcast and taping of the event. Please text at breaks. If you wish to blog, please do so in our 2nd room.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. There are more than 6,000 TEDx events taking place across the globe, put together by groups of volunteers who believe in ideas worth spreading that can change the world. We have more than 150 attendees, 19 speakers and more than 20 people on our TEDx team. Who will you meet? Be interactive, take pics on our red carpet, post photos during breaks on your Facebook and tweet about what you’re learning. You are going to be inspired for life…

Thank you!
Thank you to all speakers, staff, interns, tech, dreamers, sponsors, infinite horizon seekers and those who stood by our side for more than 16 months to plan, prepare, show up at our events each month and to everyone who believes in the possibilities of everything. This first-ever TEDxHoboken is for you! It’s for all of you!


TEDxHoboken is responsible for bringing groundbreaking ideas from leading females to Hoboken. Women are the creative powerhouses driving progress and active force crystalizing change worldwide. The power of women’s invention was visible at two incredible sold out TEDxHobokenWomen events and we are honored to have brought you these experiences.

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Infinite Horizons

The horizon
What does it mean?

For each of us something different
And perhaps more then it may seem

There are those that see limitation
In various forms

There are those that see abundance
a place where new ideas are born

For those who seek
For those who want to know
There is a calling
The horizon tells us so

The truth is, that seekers always converge
And when they do, new dreams will emerge

We choose the horizon we see
We either see limitation
Or we see infinity