TEDxHobokenWomen 2012

Saturday, December 1st 2012 8am – 7pm
Room 84, 84 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ




TEDxHobokenWomen created IDEAS WORTH SPREADING for the community in Hoboken, NJ. Watch a snapshot of this exciting event that took place on December 1st, 2012. The full day included talks that ranged from meditation to hip hop dance to being inspired by the voice over artist famously known for line line “Thank you for using AT&T.”

This promotional video sums up the impact that TEDxHoboken is making on the local level- in Hoboken and in surrounding areas. Attendees came from far and wide to spend the day with newfound friends and motivated individuals. Some, who learned of the event from peers, traveled from towns like Parsippany, Montclair and Princeton, and some even traveled via two trains and some drove up to three hours just to attend.

TEDxHobokenWomen was part of more than 100+ self-organized TEDx events connected to the TEDWomen conference, enabling the live participation of over 10,000 people on every continent and in every time zone.

TEDxHoboken was proud to bring a live simulcast of TEDxHobokenWomen to Room 84 on Saturday, December 1st for an all day inspirational event.


Nancy Levin

Facing Fears as the Gateway to Freedom

What do you do when the life you’re living no longer fits on the foundation where it’s settled? How do you access the strength to make a dramatic shift when your whole world is rocked? Witness as Nancy shares how she courageously reclaimed her life as her 18-year marriage ended. As you hear her story, you too will discover that the gateway to freedom lives in the space between facing our greatest fears and the magnificent, unforeseen opportunities awaiting us once we do.

Nancy Levin, author of Writing For My Life, is the Event Director at Hay House where she produces innovative events and experiential conferences around the world focusing on self-empowerment, wellness and spirituality.


Molly Dahl

Slow Down – The Power of SLOW in our Fast-Paced Culture

Slow down. Exhale, again, Soften the eyes and the corners of the mouth. all the way to the end of the breath. exhale….
Feel the soles of your feet connected to the earth beneath you.
Lengthen the spine, lifting the back of the head toward the heavens.
Soften the jaw, and the space between the eyebrows. Let the shoulders drop away from the ears. Exhale…. Inhale, lifting the heart forward and up. Soften the shoulders. Bring the awareness to the breath, soft and still. Stillness of body. Silence of speech. Spaciousness of mind.

By bringing the awareness to the breath and allowing it to be still and slow, we create awareness of the present moment. The body becomes still, the inner voice that narrates your life become silent and the mind opens to a spaciousness that allows you to act, rather than react in your old patterns of behavior.

Slowing down allows you to be every good thing you’ve ever hoped and wanted to be.

Molly Dahl is a delightful woman who teaches the Truth of how to bridge the gap between the Every-Day self and the Divine Self.


Jordan Somer

Celebrating the Abilities of People with Disabilities – a Cultural Movement

The general idea of the human experience is extremely restricted and narrow and is related to how people with disabilities continue to be primarily viewed and treated as the “other” in society. I look forward to expanding on this theory and discussing a groundbreaking movement that could rise from celebrating the diverse, intricate and valuable aspects of each person’s identity and abilities.

Jordan is the CEO of Miss Amazing Inc. and a sophomore at NYU, Jordan Somer believes in living a balanced life, embracing opportunities, exchanging ideas, and drinking coffee.


Lara Crampe

Women Helping Women: How To Bring About Real Change

Learn how women in Southern Ethiopia changed their communities from the inside by leading their friends in frank discussions about poverty and how they might address it. Some of these women had been forcibly married as young as age 14 and were expected to have as many as 12 children. They initiated open discussion about family planning for the first time ever. True change happens when people work together. That is an “idea worth spreading.”

Lara Crampe has worked with US and international communities for more than 13 years fighting poverty through community education and empowerment. She hails from West Virginia.


Susan Berkley

Deep Charisma: The Energy of Influence

Within seconds of meeting you, people form a lasting yet unconscious impression—whether they like, trust, respect or want to do business with you. We may think the factors that govern this lasting, gut-level impression are physical when in fact the energy involved is invisible. This astounding power to fascinate, ethically influence and persuade, to create transcendent moments when you speak, is available to anyone who knows how to harness it- and it doesn’t come from Powerpoints® or designer shoes. Susan Berkley solves the hidden mystery of charisma and shows you the #1 way to harness the astonishing energy of influence it in your very next presentation.

Susan Berkley is one of the most listened to voices in America. A top voice-over artist, you know her as the voice of AT&T and Citibank. An internationally known communications expert, she’s the author of “Speak To Influence: How To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Your Voice” and president and founder of The Great Voice Company at greatvoice.com. An expert in the secrets of ethical influence, she provides training in persuasive speaking techniques for business and sales professionals worldwide, as well as training in voice-over technique. On Donald Trump’s Apprentice, she was a behind-the-scenes expert presentation skills coach helping coach the winning Apprentice to victory on Season 4. A frequent media guest, she has been featured on ABC News, CNBC, To Tell The Truth, and in The NY Times, The LA Times and Business Week. Susan spent 15 years in broadcasting as a radio personality, including a stint as a cast member on The Howard Stern Show.


Kerry Turner

Own Your Power * Transform Your Life

Why is inner power so elusive for so many women? Kerry Turner demystifies and redefines “power” by sharing her personal journey of discovering the one small shift that will catapult you into living a confident, passionate, and purpose driven life.

Kerry Turner is a Life Coach, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business woman, and a lover of life. She has over 17 years experience in Corporate America and has enjoyed a very successful career in sales management and marketing. After deciding to pursue her passion, she graduated from Coach University, a worldwide leader in coach training and is an active member of the International Coach Federation. Kerry lives in New York City and Long Island with her husband and three children.

Jennifer Shaw

Work Hard & Play Nice

I believe in the spirit of New York — that anyone can change their life with hard work, but does that mean you need to become a heartless career climber to make it? In this short talk, we will explore the ways in which helping others helps us to live a determined, brave, and fearless life. We will explore how I ambition and kindness aren’t mutually exclusive.

As the Founder of NYTechWomen, I am equal parts social connector, digital analyst and adult-focused educator. I strive to create experiences that inspire and connect people.


Yvonne H. Chow

I Don’t Dance

Do you dance? The majority of you answering this question right now are probably saying “no”. In a generation disconnected from movement, we have failed to acknowledge dance’s potential of accessing all of our intelligences and contributing positively to our understanding of the world. Yvonne Chow’s facetiously titled talk, “I Don’t Dance.”, is an invitation into the work of Safi A. Thomas’ brainchild, “The BLADE Dance Technique®” where she takes you on a journey through Dance Heuristics® to posit that we ALL must start dancing!

Mentored by Safi Thomas under The BLADE Dance Technique®, Yvonne Chow has cultivated a pedagogical expertise as Education Director of H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory.


Sabina Grochowski

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

There is a disease-driven model in healthcare. I can eat myself to three hundred pounds and there’s a magic pill to cure me. Genes are not destiny in health and disease and the role of environment in diseases are completely ignored by traditional medicine. An example would be heavy metals and their role in thyroid dysfunction. I have so much of my own experience with hypothyroidism. The role of prevention should be enhanced and I would like to cite an example such as the idea of organic acid testing; which is a simple urine test that gives insight into function of whole body including vitamin deficiencies, antioxidant deficiencies, energy status and neurotransmitter deficiencies. Listen in and learn about what can make you healthier in 2013 and for life.

Sabina completed Warsaw Medical Academy 1986. She Completed residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine in NYC. Private practice in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary since 1994. Completed fellowship in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Board Certified in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. Master of Science In Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine USF School of Medicine. Private practice in Internal /Metabolic and Functional Medicine in NYC



Karen Jacobsen

The GPS Girl®

The GPS Girl’s speaking voice is in 100 million GPS systems worldwide giving directions, and she speaks, sings and writes about being in the Driver’s Seat of life and business. http://www.thegpsgirl.com


Maddy Novak

Maddy is a singer/songwriter/actor/dancer

She performed 700 shows in Broadway’s Billy Elliot as Ballet Girl, Margaret Gormley, and as understudy for Tracey Atkinson. Maddy’s current passion is her original music which she is recording at Water Music, a large East Coast studio here in Hoboken. Maddy sings at Broadway comedy club and other metropolitan area venues; she has performed in short films; and has won dance competition titles; and has starred in theatrical children’s productions including Music Man and Fiddler on the Roof.

Maddy just celebrated her 15th birthday and is a new high school Freshman at The Dwight School in Manhattan.


Marla Mendelsohn

Marla Mendelsohn, CCP, is owner of Cook Ease catering and culinary events (www.cookeasecatering.com). She teaches culinary arts in the New Jersey-New York area with a focus on corporate team building and multi generational programs. She has studied in New York and at the Ritz Escoffier in Paris and has contributed to several cookbooks and news publications. She is the creator of a children’s video, Kids Can Cook and is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.




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TEDxHoboken is responsible for bringing groundbreaking ideas from leading females to Hoboken. Women are the creative powerhouses driving progress and active force crystalizing change worldwide. The power of women’s invention was visible at two incredible sold out TEDxHobokenWomen events and we are honored to have brought you these experiences.

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Infinite Horizons

The horizon
What does it mean?

For each of us something different
And perhaps more then it may seem

There are those that see limitation
In various forms

There are those that see abundance
a place where new ideas are born

For those who seek
For those who want to know
There is a calling
The horizon tells us so

The truth is, that seekers always converge
And when they do, new dreams will emerge

We choose the horizon we see
We either see limitation
Or we see infinity